Steps to get the functionality working:

  1. Download the source code and deploy it
  2. Create a "OrgChart_Demo" custom list (see steps below) for storing the hierarchy/relationship
  3. Add the webpart to a page you want to render it on

Steps to create SharePoint list (refer "Custom Org Chart SharePoint List creation.docx" word document under DOWNLOADS for more details)

Create a Custom List named “OrgChart_Demo”

  1. Go to list settings and make the Title column as non-mandatory
  2. Add “Name” column
  3. Add “MoreInfo” column
  4. Add “ReportsTo” column. This would be lookup column for the same list and would lookup in “Name” column. This is required to build the hierarchy/reporting relationship.
  5. This final list should like the below
  6. Starting adding the data into the list and start building the relationship. Sample screenshot below.

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